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Hi, my name is Arbor, and I'm the American Inventor of Haikichi Sticks.
Haikichi Sticks is an alternative workout sport game toy that can be played competitively like a super sport or cooperative as a fun coordination eye/hand exercise. Unlike devil sticks or flower sticks, you can create hundreds of creative combinations of moves because you always use your free hand, incorporating majorette and martial art moves with the spinning stick in the other hand and passing it to your feet and knees for hacky sack, footbag or soccer kicks.

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Haikichi can be played in a very zen and meditative way as a free style coordination developer where you keep the Haikichi Stick in constant motion. When played with 2 or more players, each person will hold one spinner stick to toss it like la crosse, hit it back like tennis, juggle it between your free hand and spinner stick, bounce with your knees or your feet, or bounce with your hands on the soft rubber center cones to pass it like volleyball, and when you drop it, scoop it up immediately to your partner with the spinner stick and keep it in motion and have fun developing new skills with this new creative and challenging sport game!


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